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Garyn Gulbranson, Psy.D.

Executive Director

Dr. Garyn Gulbranson is the current Executive Director of the Utah Tech University Booth Wellness Center, joining the team in 2020. He earned his Doctorate in Clinical Psychology (Psy.D.) from the Pacific University School of Professional Psychology and completed his doctoral internship at the University of Kansas Counseling and Psychological Services. Dr. Gulbranson completed an additional post-doctoral year at Colorado State University’s Health Network, including post-hospitalization specialty services. Most recently Dr. Gulbranson worked as staff psychologist and as the Group Coordinator at the University of Texas at Dallas. Dr. Gulbranson is passionate supervisor, educator and psychologist who works from a number of different treatment modalities including Dialectical and Behavioral Therapy, Psychodynamic Therapy, and group therapies.

Email: Garyn.Gulbranson@utahtech.edu

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Jamy Dahle, LCSW

Director of Counseling and Health Promotion Services

Email: Jamy.Dahle@utahtech.edu

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Staci Steed, MS, APRN

Nurse Practitioner

Email: Staci.Steed@utahtech.edu

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Callie Peacock, RN

Registered Nurse

Email: Callie.Peacock@utahtech,.edu

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Tracy Winningham

Front Desk Receptionist

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Tristun Anderson

Front Desk Receptionist

Tristun Anderson recently joined the BWC team. He is originally from Delta, Utah and has lived here in St. George for the past 3 years. He graduated from Utah Tech with an Associates of Management, with a long-term goal of going into Hospital Administration. Outside of work I love to spend time with family and (most importantly) my wife as well as hunting, fishing, cooking, witting books, and watching sports.

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Jenny Lee, Ph.D.

Staff Psychologist-Group Coordinator

Jenny has her doctorate in clinical psychology at Loma Linda University in Loma Linda, California. She joined the Booth Wellness Center as a Staff Psychologist this year and does both individual and group therapy as well as outreach. Prior to working at the BWC, Jenny worked as a clinician in training in a variety of settings, including university counseling centers, community mental health clinic, and private practice. Jenny’s research interests are in video game use and problematic gaming, and she hopes to continue research in this field following her internship year.

Email: jenny.lee@utahtech.edu

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Reagan Bottoms

Support Specialist

Reagan joined the Booth Wellness Center team in January 2024. Having called St. George home for the past 17 years, she loves the city’s warm weather and desert atmosphere. When she is not working, Reagan finds joy in the company of her dog, Lola, where most of their time is spent going on long-distance runs. A proud graduate of Utah Tech, Reagan earned her Associate of Science in 2022 and her bachelor’s degree in Individualized Studies in Community Health in 2023. She has been working in the higher education community for the past 3 years. Reagan loves contributing to creating a healthier and more thriving environment. As she looks forward to the future, she is eager to continue her journey in the field of higher education. Go trailblazers!

Email: Reagan.Bottoms@utahtech.edu

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Brandon Christensen, LCSW

Staff Therapist

Brandon Christensen began working at the Booth Wellness Team starting in Fall Semester 2022.  A proud graduate of both Brigham Young University (B.S. in Psychology, 1995) as well as the University of Utah (Master’s in Social Work, 1999), Brandon is excited to join Trailblazer Nation.  A strong believer in Mind/Body connection, Brandon sees tools like Yoga, Meditation, and Health and Wellness as critical parts of a person’s life.  As a therapist, Brandon has a strong belief that each person inherently possesses the solutions to their own problems.  Through supportive listening, an absence of negative judgment, and encouragement, Brandon is eager to be a partner in healthy change and good coping for students at UT.

Email: Brandon.Christensen@utahtech.edu

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Samantha Austin, MSW

Staff Counselor

Email: Samantha.Austin@utahtech.edu

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Carla Weaver, MS, FNP

Director of Medical Services

Email: Carla.Weaver@utahtech.edu

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Trisha Johnson

MSW Intern

Trish is an MSW specialist practicum intern. She is a current student at the University of Utah and will graduate with her Masters of Social Work in May, 2024. Her generalist practicum was spent working with people experiencing substance use addictions. She received her B.S. in Psychology from Brigham Young University. Trish has spent many years working with and advocating for children, teens, and families in state care. Trish loves working with the students at Utah Tech. She strongly embraces the ideals of empathy and amplifying marginalized voices to create places of healing where students feel safe and understood. Outside of the clinic, Trish loves spending time in the mountains with her family.

Email: Trisha.Johnson@utahtech.edu