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Groups and workshops provide extraordinary opportunities for growth and change.  The UT Booth Wellness Center has an excellent and growing group program with dedicated and professional staff. Students may also participate in our skill-building workshop series to build in order to learn coping skills and strategies to address common issues experienced by college age students.

Whatever challenges you’re facing, you can connect with others, see things from a different perspective, or learn how to manage stress, anxiety or depression. We are here for you.

Active Life: Wellness Workshops

Wellness Workshops

The Booth Wellness Center, Human Performance Center and UT Campus partners are hosting a wellness workshop series to include topics related to: Mental Health & Wellness, Physical Health &  Wellness,  Communication & Relationships, and Life Skills.

Skills Groups

Anxiety Toolbox (3-week workshop series) Wednesday's at 3-4 p.m. starting February 15th for Spring 2023

Anxiety Toolbox is a three-part series that aims to give you knowledge and tools to effectively deal with your anxiety. We discuss what anxiety is, how it is different from everyday stress, and how you can respond to unhelpful thoughts that perpetuate anxiety. We will meet weekly to have short discussions and in-class exercises as well as at-home exercises, all designed to help you practice skills learned through the sessions. The work you do in each session builds upon itself, so you are expected attend all three scheduled sessions.

ASD Skills Group Monday's 4-5 PM TBA Spring 2023

ASD Skill Group is a peer connection group facilitating connection, fun, and support. Additionally, it’s geared towards skill development and utilization. This is a great opportunity for our neurodiverse students to learn and connect with each other and peers on campus.

Interpersonal Groups

Hybrid Groups

Dungeons & Dragons (D&D) Group TBA Spring 2023

Games and play as methods of learning and teaching have widely become more popular and utilized due to the successes experienced. Therapy is no different. Benefits such as increased problem-solving skills, better self-esteem, improved confidence, building skills, safely engaging with mental health difficulties, building relationships, and improved empathy have been observed using this style of group therapy; additionally, research has shown it to be beneficial in treating various forms of anxiety and depression. Join the D&D group and schedule an intake by calling the counseling center; remember to mention your interest in D&D to the mental health professional when you come in. No previous experience with Dungeons & Dragons required. You will be provided any materials needed.

Yoga For Anxiety Tuesday's 4-5 PM Held at the HPC room #354

Staff, faculty, and students are welcome to join us for yoga every Tuesday from 4:00—5:00  in room 354 of the HPC, starting on Tuesday, February 7.  This group is free, and if you would like to improve your overall fitness, flexibility, and ability to live peacefully in the present, this group will be a great fit.  There will be some yoga mats available, but if you’d like to bring your own feel free to do so.  Hope to see you there, and bring a friend!

Support Groups

All Pathways to Recovery TBD Spring 2023

All Pathways to recovery is a peer to peer recovery support group sponsored by Utah Support Advocates for recovery Awareness (USARA) and the Booth Wellness Center.

Joining a Group and Questions

Joining a group

To join a group, please call (435)652-7755 to schedule an intake appointment. Mention to the front desk staff and your mental health professional that you are interested in the group you wish to join.


Please direct any questions to jenny.lee@utahtech.edu



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